"The work of building a better world is an ongoing job. It must be undertaken by all of us, regardless of our profession or position, creating technologies and things that matter a lot. In this context, scientific achievements and innovative technologies are of particular importance. They are the ones that push the boundaries between the impossible toward the possible." 

President and founder of WTT Poland

We think innovatively and change the patterns

At WTT, we create innovations by going through the entire process - from the idea, through analysis, trial and error, to the development of a modern and working technology... because this is the only way to create solutions that change our world.

We question existing approaches, we shatter established  patterns of action and ways of solving problems. We create forward-thinking, revolutionary products and services in the areas of Green and Clean Technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology.

The solutions we propose seek to optimize costs, reduce processes, and are in compliance with the law and meet legislative requirements.

Przełomowe technologie, które przekładają się na zrównoważony rozwój podmiotów, tworzą perspektywy inwestycyjne oraz lepsze życie dla wszystkich.

Investing in a better world

Over 25 years of experience

WTT was established in 1998. Our goal is to synergize activities for business development and ecological suport systems, creating a closed-loop economy. We act in the interest of society and for the environment.

We have completed 75 major investments

We have completed 75 major investments on 4 continents in over 25 years. The know-how we have gained allows us to grow the company and set new trends in the technology industry.

Investments worth nearly 520 milion PLN

We are engaged in the design and supply of turnkey solutions for the chemical, energy and waste management industries, and conduct research on innovative technologies.

ZEWERO and the process
of reducing waste to zero!

We are the creator of ZEWERO (zero emission waste elimination & recycling) - an innovative combination of several technologies for the complete elimination of human – induced waste in various states of aggregation.

ZEWERO technology is the complete utilization of any type of post-production waste during a high-temperature gasification process, which we have named the ‘zewero proces’.  This results in waste conversion into valuable products and clean energy which can be re-used in the economy.

In this context, ZEWERO technology is the missing link in the modern closed-loop economy. No harmful impact on the environment and additional costs are associated with the need to store or neutralize waste after disposal.

Eliminate waste to zero!

Innovative technology must meet the challenges of progressive urbanization, constantly growing production of consumer goods - and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste. Also waste production generates constans costs and threats to the environment.

ZEWERO technology is created for economic sectors that are looking for an effective solution to fully eliminate waste, without the need to store it. Our technology makes it possible to create a zero-waste thermal waste treament installation - in compliance with the law and in harmony with nature.

Benefits for business and ecology

The missing link in a closed loop economy is waste management. Waste disposal technologies currently available on the market do not solve the problems resulting from elimination. ZEWERO technology opens the way for modern solutions in the area of closed-loop economy and for Industry 5.0, the so-called ‘the fifth industrial regulation’ defined by the EU Commission.

Innovative technology for a closed loop economy

ZEWERO is an innovative combination of several technologies created for zero-waste disposal of post-production waste:

→ plasma gasification technology,
→ syngas cleaning technology with thermal energy recovery,
→ technologies for recovery of clean water and natural fertilizers from sewage,
→ CO2 and hydrogen separation.

The implementation of ZEWERO technologies allows for valuable products in a closed-loop economy and has an impact on cost optimization.
The main values are:

→ depending on the type of waste, synthesis gas is produced,
→ electricity recovery in cogeneration and trigeneration,
→ clean water recovery,
→ possibility of obtaining pure hydrogen,
→ separation of biogenic substances (nitrogen-phosphorus-magnesium fertilizers),
→ separation of micropollutants,
→ CO2 separation,
→ possibility of obtaining biogas/biomethane,
→ formation of vitrified – a material in the form of artificial basalt.

Wide application of ZEWERO technology

ZEWERO technology is used in the sectors:

→ sewage treatment plants of the future,
→ municipal waste,
→ industrial waste,
→ hazardous waste.

The special potential of using ZEWERO technology is its use in places of ecological disasters.

Innovative technology
for the public and private sectors –
We're testing readiness today!


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Grupa PBG

Grupa PBG

Automatic Systems Engineering

Automatic Systems Engineering



JSW Innowacje

JSW Innowacje

Our employees are scientists, technologists, engineers and specialists from a wide variety of industries and sectors who have extensive knowledge and above-average skills. Through cooperation, mutual support, experience, passion and commitment, together we can expand our horizons, reach further and cross more than one boundary to take on the most ambitious challenges.

→ chemists
→ chemical process engineers
→ microbiologists

Financial Planning

→ energy engineers
→ mechanics
→ electricians
→ automation engineers

Tax Optimization

→ architects
→ designers
→ sanitary engineers

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